The Hunger Games District 3 Tributes Cast

Casting for The Hunger Games movie continues to move at a brisk pace as Lionsgate has found their District 3 Tributes in a pair of young newcomers. Assuming the roles of “Tribute Boy” and “Tribute Girl” in District… Read More

Grand Theft Auto V Evidence Surfaces

Grand Theft Auto V rumors are hitting a fevered pitch this week as multiple indications another entry in the bestselling series is in development have surfaced around the same time. The first indication comes from the resume of stuntman Declan… Read More

Possible Super 8 Monster Concept Art

J.J. Abrams’ love letter to Steven Spielberg, Super 8, has been flying under the radar with next summer’s big action films eating up all the hype spotlight. In all fairness we haven’t had much to talk about regarding the… Read More