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TheHDRoom is an entertainment news website that was originally founded by a passion for movies and games in 2002 and has since evolved into covering entertainment on big and small screens. Our vision is to continue to provide timely reporting in our own words, and to uncover exclusive scoops within our areas of expertise

Areas of interest our readers will find at TheHDRoom include news, reviews and commentary in the entertainment fields of movies and Blu-ray, video games, and television and sports programming over the air and streaming on the Internet. In keeping with the times, our areas of coverage evolve as technology provides exciting new mediums to consume entertainment.

We work directly with numerous movie, game and television studios and have reviewed hundreds of films and video games. In addition, we run giveaways and promotions on a regular basis. All promotional inquiries can be directed to the executive editor.

TheHDRoom has been an official IMDB Newsdesk Partner since 2009 and is a part of the Bing News network.

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