Possible Super 8 Monster Concept Art

J.J. Abrams’ love letter to Steven Spielberg, Super 8, has been flying under the radar with next summer’s big action films eating up all the hype spotlight. In all fairness we haven’t had much to talk about regarding the top-secret monster project, until now.

An IMDB reader citing his “friend’s brother’s wife” as the source has shared a piece of concept art that could be the monster J.J. Abrams is letting loose in Super 8. As you can see below he’s a big bugger with massive teeth, four arms, scales, and what appear to be fish or bat-like webbing. You wouldn’t want this guy hunting you down as a snack.

Whether the image is legit or not is open to debate though the evidence suggests it’s the real deal. It’s got the Paramount Studios watermark and labeling you’d expect to see on internal artwork. The original post at IMDB.com has also since been removed.

Super 8 is set for release on June 10 and stars Elle Fanning, Ron Eldard, Kyle Chandler, Ryan Lee, Amanda Michalka, Zach Mills, Noah Emmerich, and Gabriel Basso. Here’s the Super 8 teaser trailer in case you missed it.

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