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Captain America Post-Credits Scene Described

Captain America: The First Avenger screenings have begun and the post-credits scene has been spoiled. If you’re sensitive to Captain America spoilers then please reconsider proceeding past this point. Consider that a formal spoiler… Read More

Thor Review: Clash of Realms

Returning once again to the pre-Avengers universe, Marvel Studios introduces us to another one of its familiar characters, Thor: God of Thunder. The world we were so thoroughly introduced to in the Iron Man movies and The Incredible Hulk has…  Read More
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Iron Man 3 Release Date is May 3, 2013

Speculation surrounding Marvel’s first post-Avengers movie can now finally come to an end. The next Marvel film won’t be based on Ant-Man, Nick Fury, Wasp, The Hulk or Black Widow. It will instead be the obvious choice: Iron Man… Read More