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Halo: Reach “Noble Pack” DLC Review

With over 6 million copies sold worldwide since Halo: Reach’s launch in September, Bungie and Microsoft aim to keep gamers interest burning this holiday season with new multiplayer mayhem. There was a minor free update a few weeks after… Read More

Best Buy Cyber Monday Deals Up Now

Best Buy has officially launched part of their 2010 Cyber Monday deals a day early today and is promoting free shipping as well. The rest of the deals will be released tomorrow on the actual Cyber Monday day of the week. I took a quick run through… Read More

DreamWorks Wants a Shot at Halo Movie

The last we heard on the status of a Halo movie was roughly a month when Halo brand ambassador Frank O’Connor was quoted as saying Microsoft still wants to make a Halo movie, will craft a story that is not a verbatim retelling of the game,… Read More

Playstation Move Finding an Audience

When Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect peripheral went up for pre-order at Amazon.com earlier this year, it immediately shot to the #1 spot on the outlet’s hourly bestseller chart for video games and remained there for several days.… Read More