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Halo Reach Tops $200 Million in First Day Sales

Microsoft’s Halo: Reach topped $200 million in sales across North America and Europe its first day. With the strong debut, Reach now holds the distinction of topping all previous Halo games for the best single day sales mark and being… Read More

Halo Reach Review

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Halo: Reach is the end of the beginning but in no way the beginning of the end. It is the final Halo game delivered by Bungie Studios, the franchise's founding father who passes the torch after signing a deal with…  Read More
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Microsoft Announces New Kinect Bundle

Early this morning Microsoft announced its flagship holiday bundle will be priced at $399 and include a Special Edition 250GB Xbox 360 console, Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures game. This is at least the second $400 bundle Microsoft will… Read More

Halo Movie Still on the Drawing Board

In the videogame world, this September might as well be called the month of the Spartan when Halo: Reach hits stores on September 14. No offense to Sony and their Move motion control system’s debut, but there’s no arguing the Halo… Read More

See the Halo Reach E3 Trailer

I have to admit that the first two-thirds of Bungie and Microsoft’s Halo Reach Xbox 360 E3 trailer had me concerned. Watching Noble Team penetrate a (presumably) UNSC installation felt too familiar to the four Halo games preceding it.… Read More

Update: Halo: Reach Beta is Live; See Instructions

Update: The Halo: Reach Beta went live just after 1pm EST/10am PST today! The Halo: Reach multiplayer beta is ready to launch on Monday, May 3 for those who own Halo ODST for Xbox 360. There has been some confusion as to exactly when the beta is launching… Read More