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New Green Lantern Banner and Poster

A pair of new publicity pieces from Warner Bros. Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds are in the wild via Yahoo! and MTV, and both focus on the core Green Lantern Corps members. The first is a new poster that features Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Tomar-Re… Read More

New Green Lantern Posters with Movie Aliens

The gang over at Daily Blam have come across a quartet of new posters that feature artwork of the movie versions of characters from The Green Lantern. The posters are for NECA and aside from another shot of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, they offer… Read More

Green Lantern Movie Corps Revealed in Toy Images

Images from the Heroclix line of Green Lantern movie toys have surfaced that were probably meant to be saved until the New York Toy Fair later this month. Their early arrival brings us what could be the first look at a complete or near-complete… Read More

New Green Lantern Image of Tomar-Re

You caught a quick glimpse of Tomar-Re in the first trailer for Warner Bros. The Green Lantern. He’s the part fish/part chicken looking guy showing Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan the Green Lantern Corps ropes. To top that, a new up-close-and-personal… Read More

43 The Green Lantern Trailer High-Res Images

There is so much to see and digest in the first trailer for Warner Bros. The Green Lantern that it made sense to break the trailer down and pull out still images of the key scenes. As it turns out there are a lot of key scenes. Be patient for the page… Read More

Higher Quality Green Lantern Trailer Footage

A higher quality version of The Green Lantern trailer footage recorded off the HD version of Entertainment Tonight has made its way online and you can enjoy it below (click the YouTube logo for an even bigger version). Thanks to the increased… Read More