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Captain America Post-Credits Scene Described

Captain America: The First Avenger screenings have begun and the post-credits scene has been spoiled. If you’re sensitive to Captain America spoilers then please reconsider proceeding past this point. Consider that a formal spoiler… Read More

The Dark Knight Rises Images From London Set

The Dark Knight Rises production has moved from India to St. John Street in London, England for a relatively short on-location shoot. According to a scooper at CBM, the Farmiloe building pictured below is being used as a police station in the… Read More

Captain America Hydra Tank Images Surface

The blokes over at CBM have some new photos of a Hydra vehicle from a Captain America: The First Avenger set in Hampshire, England. The vehicle depicted is some sort of mini-tank with the Hydra logo clearly printed on its side. According to the… Read More

The Dark Knight Rises Female Casting Rumors

Batman 3 casting is ramping up and actresses are being eyed if a rumor popping up at CBM is on the money. According to their source, a friend of someone who works at a casting agency, Kacie Thomas (The Burning Plain) and Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air)… Read More