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New Green Lantern Banner and Poster

A pair of new publicity pieces from Warner Bros. Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds are in the wild via Yahoo! and MTV, and both focus on the core Green Lantern Corps members. The first is a new poster that features Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Tomar-Re… Read More

Green Lantern Movie Corps Revealed in Toy Images

Images from the Heroclix line of Green Lantern movie toys have surfaced that were probably meant to be saved until the New York Toy Fair later this month. Their early arrival brings us what could be the first look at a complete or near-complete… Read More

The Green Lantern Trailer with HD Links

Last night Warner Bros. took the wraps off The Green Lantern via the film’s first teaser trailer. Tease this trailer does and then some, but hold back on the good stuff as teasers usually do this trailer does not. The teaser covers all the… Read More

The Green Lantern Movie Trailer is Here

The full version of Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ The Green Lantern trailer touched down on YouTube this evening with Spanish subtitles. The trailer includes all the footage shown in the Entertainment Tonight sneak peek plus a lot more,… Read More

5 New Green Lantern Movie Pics

Earlier today the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly debuted Ryan Reynolds in his Green Lantern outfit. Now that the issue is out in the wild, scans of six additional Green Lantern movie images from the issue have made their way… Read More

Abin Sur Spaceship in Green Lantern Set Pic

CBM has published the first Green Lantern movie set pic with something tangible to examine and get excited about. The photo was snapped at night along the Mandeville Lakefront in Madisonville, LA. It reveals a large metallic object which presumably… Read More