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The Walking Dead Spin-Off Characters Get Descriptions

The Walking Dead spin-off characters
AMC will start shooting The Walking Dead spin-off later this year and here we are, gearing up to enter October and we still don’t know a lick of where or when the show is set. I hate to disappoint as those unknowns remain so, but a leak has… Read More

The Walking Dead Renewed for Season 5 at AMC

AMC announced the obvious today by locking in their ratings champ The Walking Dead for a fifth season, and ensuring the talent responsible for this season is in place for the next. The Season 4 The Walking Dead premiere shattered cable records… Read More

AMC Casts Two Key The Walking Dead Season 4 Roles

AMC has beefed up the cast of The Walking Dead by adding two key characters from Robert Kirkman’s comic series that should play a big role in the show during the latter half of Season 4. The first new character announcement came early yesterday… Read More

The Walking Dead: The Game Stumbles Into Stores

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Game is fresh off a big Game of the Year win at the Spike 2012 Video Game Awards last Friday night. It was the perfect storm for the atmospheric game with series creator Robert Kirkman in attendance to witness… Read More

Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 305

AMC’s The Walking Dead blew minds last week when not one, but two characters who debuted in the series premiere lost their lives. T-Dog sacrificed himself to being eaten alive in order for Carol to escape to who-knows-where, while Lori… Read More

Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

The Walking Dead: Season 3 is finally almost here. Those familiar with Robert Kirkman’s comic from which the AMC series is based know that this season promises some of the best storytelling the franchise has to offer. Kids will soon be… Read More