Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 305

AMC’s The Walking Dead blew minds last week when not one, but two characters who debuted in the series premiere lost their lives. T-Dog sacrificed himself to being eaten alive in order for Carol to escape to who-knows-where, while Lori died during childbirth to Rick’s new son or daughter. It ended in a gut-wrenching moment as Rick painfully realized his wife was lost forever and finally succumbed to his emotions by collapsing to the ground in tears.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is only four episodes old and there are still twelve more episodes left. Even though Rick’s group lost two members and reluctantly added two more in the form of convicted criminals, all is not well at Woodbury where the Governor continues to woo Andrea and Michonne’s suspicions of this seemingly perfect civilization grow by the second. Tensions are mounting, and will continue to mount in tonight’s new episode, ‘Say The Word.’

At the end of the previous episode, Michonne grew angry when Andrea asked not to leave and to stay in Woodbury for “another day or two.” Michonne realizes that Andrea’s mind has already been made up, but she’s not one to sit by quietly and pretend all is well. A sneak preview clip from tonight’s episode shows Michonne will get her sword back from the Governor and point it somewhere she probably shouldn’t have.

Meanwhile at the prison, Rick’s anger at Lori’s death will spill out and manifest itself at his friends. Since it was always assumed that Lori would be nursing the baby, Daryl will be sent out on a baby formula run that probably will not go as planned. I’d love to see Daryl run into old Merle and experience their reunion without anyone else around.

What should be especially revealing in tonight’s episode is a party that the Governor will throw for the town. There’s a twist to this party, but we’re not quite sure what that twist is. Those whom have read Robert Kirkman’s comics may have a general idea of what to expect. I won’t share any blatant spoilers, but don’t expect a letdown episode after last week’s season finale-worthy surprise.

The free live online streaming options for tonight’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ will look terrible and likely put a virus on your computer. You can watch a clean standard or high definition version of ‘Say The Word’ shortly after it airs, as well as any past episodes, for a couple bucks an episode here at It’s the next best thing to watching an official live stream that has only been offered for a small handful of episodes.

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