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Sony Reveals Playstation Portable Successor

Its current name doesn’t roll off the tongue like PSP or PSP 2 does but it’s under the hood that matters. In that respect, the successor to Sony’s PSP Playstation Portable gaming device is packing some serious heat. Meet… Read More

Slick Tron Evolution Video Game Trailer

The first trailer for Disney Interactive Studios’ Tron Evolution video game is here and it looks more like the Tron Legacy film than a game. As it should since Digital Domain, the studio behind Legacy’s special effects, built… Read More

Sony E3 2010 Press Conference Live Stream

With Microsoft and Nintendo’s E3 2010 keynote address press conferences wrapped up, Sony remains the last big publisher to hit the stage and unveil its PS3 and PSP lineup and strategy for the latter half of 2010 and beyond. I’ve… Read More