Sony Playstation Portable NGP Gallery and Gameplay Footage Galore

Sony’s new Playstation Portable is now out of the bag and will be called, for the time being, the NGP (Next Generation Portable) as opposed by PSP 2 like we all assumed. There’s no price or release date here in the U.S. just yet, but we’ll likely find out more at E3 in June.

Earlier today I shared the NGP features and tech specs which are technically impressive to say the least. Now after some digging I’ve cobbled together a gallery of NGP images straight from Sony as well as a series of videos from upcoming NGP games are recorded by Gamespot during Sony’s big press event in Japan.

The images are located underneath the NGP game’s videos. You won’t have to scroll too far to get a closer look at this nifty little gaming device.

The first video comes from Sony’s press conference and consists of a tech demo Epic performed on the NGP. If you weren’t told this were being run on a portable gaming device then you’d swear it came from Fable 3 or something running on Playstation 3.

Next up is gameplay footage from Little Deviants, a new IP that doesn’t quite impress visually as the Epic demo does. At the same time, Sony doesn’t want to complete ignore the casual gaming crowd and let Nintendo and their upcoming 3DS completely corner that market.

Looking more stunning is this Lost Planet 2 introduction running on NGP. There’s no real gameplay footage in it but it still looks fantastic for running on a portable gaming device.

Sure to be a hot seller is Uncharted in NGP. This gameplay demo shows off many of the NGP’s features including the rear touch-pad, front touch-screen and motion controls.

Like Lost Planet 2, Yakuza’s demo is all cut-scene stuff. Looks great though.

Back to gameplay footage brings up Monster Hunter from Capcom. I’ll take a wild guess and predict this one is a hot seller as well.

Last is a little lighter fare in the form of Hot Shots Golf which visually looks on-par with how the game looks on next-gen consoles. The cool thing about this version is you can move the NGP around and get a full 3D view of the hole you’re playing.

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