Madden NFL 11 AFC East and West Rankings and Trailers

Electronic Arts has kicked off a month-long preview of Madden NFL 11 where two divisions at a time will be rated and showcased via sizzle reel trailers. First up is the AFC East and West, with next week offering the AFC North and AFC South.

EA has rated the AFC East teams as follows: New York Jets at 89 (4th overall), New England Patriots at 86 (8th overall), Miami Dolphins at 79 (17th overall) and the lowly Buffalo Bills at 67 (31st overall).

The AFC West team ratings have the San Diego Chargers at 85 (10th overall), Denver Broncos at 78 (19th overall), Oakland Raiders at 71 (17th overall) and Kansas City Chiefs at 71 (27th overall). There must be a lot of teams sitting at 71 for the Raiders to be ranked 10 spots higher than the Chiefs with the same score.

Madden NFL 11 releases August 10 for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2 and PSP. Pre-order Madden NFL 11 on the console of your choice at

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