Slick Tron Evolution Video Game Trailer

The first trailer for Disney Interactive Studios’ Tron Evolution video game is here and it looks more like the Tron Legacy film than a game. As it should since Digital Domain, the studio behind Legacy’s special effects, built this unique trailer.

According to Disney, the trailer (and game) leads into the events of Tron Legacy. Think of the game as a prequel with it ending right where Legacy will pick up with Bruce Boxleitner voicing the character Tron.

Within the game you’ll be able to conduct the types of acrobatic moves seen in the trailer: light cycle driving, capeora, parkour and more. It promises to be very much a horizontally and vertically challenging experience.

Tron Evolution arrives in stores this holiday on pretty much every conceivable platform (sans PSP) to time with the release of Tron Legacy in theaters. It will be a 3D compatible game on PS3.

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