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Wii 2 Rumors Return With an E3 Twist

It seems like every six months ago a new Nintendo Wii 2 rumor starts making the rounds touting a new full HD gaming console is just around the corner. And why not? Nintendo president Satoru Iwata last year confirmed that the company was “studying… Read More

Sony Lowers PSP Price to $130

Sony has announced an upcoming price reduction for its PSP portable gaming system in a move to prepare the market for the upcoming Next Generation Portable (NGP) successor. Beginning this Sunday, February 27, the Sony PSP price will be lowered… Read More

Sony NGP Gameplay Trailer is Finally Here

Missing from Sony’s NGP big reveal last week was an official trailer that captured the new Playstation Portable’s capabilities and games in development. Instead we got a goofy promotional video with bubbles that didn’t… Read More

Sony Chairman Comments on NGP Price

Sony’s track record with pricing their gaming devices has left a lot to be desired. With the new NGP (Next Generation Portable) just around the corner, the electronics company will have another opportunity to overprice their hardware… Read More

Sony NGP Reveal in High-Def

Last week Sony took the wraps off their PSP 2 project which, for the foreseeable future at least, is now known as the NGP (Next Generation Portable). Initial coverage from the unveiling in Japan came via hand-held cameras and didn’t do… Read More

Sony Reveals Playstation Portable Successor

Its current name doesn’t roll off the tongue like PSP or PSP 2 does but it’s under the hood that matters. In that respect, the successor to Sony’s PSP Playstation Portable gaming device is packing some serious heat. Meet… Read More