Sony NGP Gameplay Trailer is Finally Here

Missing from Sony’s NGP big reveal last week was an official trailer that captured the new Playstation Portable’s capabilities and games in development. Instead we got a goofy promotional video with bubbles that didn’t include as much as a glimpse of an actual NGP in it.

Sony decided to make amends and has put together a rather impressive and stylish NGP gameplay trailer. From the trailer we learn that NGP will be available in at least black and white colors, see numerous games being played, and in some cases, see how the NGP’s motion controls and dual-touch pads control those games.

The games on display in the trailer include numerous PS3 and PSP staples as well as some all new IPs Sony is gambling on in hopes they’ll take off. The ensemble includes Hot Shots Golf Next, Gravity Daze, KillZone, Hustle Kings (pool), Reality Fighters, the puzzle game Smart As(s?), Broken, LittleBigPlanet, Little Deviants, WipEout, Resistance, and Uncharted.

I personally love the “look around” feature on Hot Shots Golf Next that allows you to tilt the NGP in any direction and look at the golf course as if you’re actually standing on it. This feature could be put to effective use in a number of genres.

Little Deviants shows off how the rear touch-pad is used to control the vertical movement your little deviants on the playing field. Other games including Smart As show how jerking the NGP will move dice on a board.

There’s no arguing the NGP doesn’t bring some excitement to the portable gaming arena that is about to be overcome by Nintendo’s 3DS. Unlike 3DS there’s no price for NGP, and it’s hard to truly get behind Sony’s next generation portable gadget without knowing if owning one will break the bank.

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