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RoboCop (2014) Blu-ray Review

Director Jose Padilha and screenwriter Joshua Zetumer's RoboCop isn't so much a remake of the Paul Verhoeven 1987 classic film of the same name as it is a mirror image of the original's Alex Murphy story using some of the…  Read More
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The Fifth Estate Blu-ray Review

In September of 2013, the controversial website WikiLeaks released a version of the screenplay to the movie The Fifth Estate, which chronicled the creation and evolution of the website. Along with the screenplay, the website also released a "Talking Points"…  Read More
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Argo Blu-ray Review

A decade ago, if you were to say to someone that Ben Affleck would make a great director, chances are that they would have laughed in your face. His bad choices in projects (Pearl Harbor, Gigli, Daredevil) were only outweighed…  Read More
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PSN Update: Slowly Coming Back Online

Sony has begun to restore the Playstation Network (PSN) in select territories as first reported by the company’s own Playstation Blog. The first PSN feature coming back online is online multiplayer functionality. Additional features… Read More

Surprise Box: Prototype 2 Commando Sweater

My friendly neighborhood FedEx driver dropped off a curious and unexpected package from Activision today that was a heck of a lot heavier than a press kit. That can only mean one thing: swag! Sure enough, cracking open the box revealed a jet black… Read More