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Watch: Xbox One Day One Edition Unboxing

Microsoft’s Xbox One still doesn’t have a firm release date, or at least one we’re all privy to. However, the Xbox One Day One Edition has an early unboxing video that might suggest Microsoft is more ready for primetime than… Read More

Xbox 360 Slim is Selling Out

Microsoft’s freshly redesigned Xbox 360 slim console has struck the right chord with buyers as it is flying off shelves at multiple retailers. The first sign of the console’s popularity came a couple days ago when pre-orders… Read More

Update: Halo: Reach Beta is Live; See Instructions

Update: The Halo: Reach Beta went live just after 1pm EST/10am PST today! The Halo: Reach multiplayer beta is ready to launch on Monday, May 3 for those who own Halo ODST for Xbox 360. There has been some confusion as to exactly when the beta is launching… Read More