Watch: Xbox One Day One Edition Unboxing

Watch: Xbox One Day One Edition UnboxingMicrosoft’s Xbox One still doesn’t have a firm release date, or at least one we’re all privy to. However, the Xbox One Day One Edition has an early unboxing video that might suggest Microsoft is more ready for primetime than their Sony counterparts at this late stage of the development and production cycle.

Major Nelson puts on his used car salesman persona to one-by-one pick out the elements of the Xbox One Day One Edition from its box. They include, in this order, the Kinect 2.0 sensor bar, a mono chat headset with improved audio, the Xbox One Day One Edition controller, a 4k rated HDMI A/V cable, the power cord and brick, and last but not least the actual console.

We learn from the video that the controller sync button and a USB 3.0 input is on the left side of the Xbox One near the Blu-ray drive slot. On the back are inputs we already knew about including not only an HDMI “out” but also an “in” for a cable box.

The Xbox One Day One Edition unboxing ends with a demo of the on/off switch which is the Xbox logo on the right face of the console. It is touch activated and lights up as expected.

Major Nelson promises more of the Xbox One Day One Edition is coming at Gamescom later this month, which is hopefully when that elusive release date will be finally unveiled. Though the Xbox One Day One Edition is sold out, you can still pre-order the standard Xbox One console at with a delivery date anticipated to be between the November launch date and the end of the year. Xbox One Day One Edition games are still available to pre-order and each comes with extra goodies not available in the standard versions.

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