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Dexter Season 7 Episode 80 ‘Argentina’ Preview

No matter what course of action Dexter Morgan seems to take this season, it seems to backfire in his face before too long. All of his secret sharing and dropped emotional barricades have lead to his biggest predicament yet. It has taken Deb half… Read More

Dexter Season 7 Images Reveal New Characters

You have to hand it to Dexter Morgan. The guy has a hard time shaking a hand. Especially one that first appeared in his refrigerator years ago. Showtime has released the first batch of publicity images from Dexter: Season 7 that remind us where… Read More

Dexter Hires a New Nanny in Season 6

Out with the old and in with the young. Dexter Morgan has hired a new nanny that will help take care of his young son Harrison throughout the Showtime show’s sixth season, replacing Maria Doyle Kennedy as Sonya. Joining Dexter as the new… Read More