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Bond 50 Blu-ray Box Art and Pre-Order

MGM is polishing off the James Bond Blu-ray collection of nine missing films in one swift stroke by including all of them, along with the previously released 13 films, in the Bond 50 Blu-ray box set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of 007. The… Read More

James Bond 23 Green Lit; Daniel Craig to Star

James Bond is coming back with a familiar face in front of the camera and a new one behind. In a move that has been speculated for over a month and finally confirmed by MGM earlier today via Deadline, Daniel Craig will reprise 007 in James Bond 23.… Read More

Circuit City, Best Buy Feature Blu-ray Offers

Retailers Circuit City and Best Buy have joined the Blu-ray promotion party by launching their own special sales clearly targeted at the growing Playstation 3 owners club. For this week only, customers who visit a Circuit City Store can buy… Read More