X-Men: First Class Magento with Helmet Image and Teaser Poster

X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn wasn’t in on the first look at the cast of his upcoming film. Not only that, he vehemently hated and has Fox running around to figure out how it got released without director approval to begin with.

To atone for the studio’s publicity faux pas, Vaughn took to the blogosphere and set the record straight via /Film by opening discussing how he perceives the film and by sharing a look at Magneto in-action with helmet on and Charles Xavier in the X-Men mansion prior to the injury that puts him in a wheelchair.

Vaughn compares First Class to Casino Royale in that he’s rebooting the franchise but also keeping many “nods and winks” to the comics and previous films. In doing this he feels the film is more of a standalone piece than a true “reboot” by definition.

As for the blue and yellow costumes, Vaughn said he chose those because that’s how they originally looked in the comics. With that he warns that those costumes are hardly in the film and the main costumes, which we’ve yet to see, are more along the lines of “60’s James Bond.”

Check out the new X-Men: First Class images below as well as the first teaser poster that debuted at AICN as well as /Film’s full interview. If you missed the images that went online yesterday via the L.A. Times with Kevin Bacon and more, be sure to check those out right here.

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