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Thor Trailer Brings Might and Power

As promised, the first meant for public consumption Thor trailer was unleashed via Yahoo! Movies this evening and with it came a good bit of recycled footage from Comic-Con along with some jaw-dropping all-new scenes. The first half of the… Read More

See the New Tron Legacy Trailer

Disney has released what is likely the final theatrical trailer for Tron: Legacy which you can enjoy and dissect below. A key scene revealed in the trailer is the first meeting between Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) and his missing father Kevin… Read More

Big Alien in New Skyline Clip

Universal has dropped a new Skyline clip that popped up on Yahoo! Movies and is ready for you to watch below. In the clip, Eric Balfour and Brittany Daniel are hoping to be rescued off a roof by a helicopter. If you’ve seen the Skyline trailer… Read More

Scream 4 Trailer in HD Arrives

Dimension’s Scream 4 trailer debuted last weekend at the Scream 2010 Awards and not long thereafter bootlegged versions began popping up on YouTube. The Weinstein Company was doing an admirable job of yanking them down, something… Read More

Disney Unveils Final Tron Legacy Movie Poster

The final theatrical one-sheet movie poster for Disney’s Tron Legacy has arrived courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. Design-wise the poster is fairly simple with Quorra (Olivia Wilde suffering a bad hair day) embracing Sam Flynn (Garrett… Read More

Adam Green’s Hatchet 2 Trailer Premieres

The chopping block is open for business again on October 1 when Adam Green’s slasher sequel Hatchet II hacks its way into theaters. Green’s sequel to Green’s 2006 slasher success sees Kane Hodder return as Victor Crowley.… Read More