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Grimm ‘Bears Will Be Bears’ Preview

Last Friday, NBC’s new fairy tale drama Grimm faced off against the first game 7 in a World Series in nearly a decade, as well as rival series Supernatural over on CW, and put up strong ratings numbers in its series premiere. Now that the… Read More

Grimm Premiere Ratings Solid, but Chuck Not So Much

NBC’s new fairy tale thriller Grimm managed a solid premiere on Friday, while the return of Chuck took a line drive to the gut by the World Series. With the Texas Rangers battling the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 7, Chuck returned and drew… Read More

Grimm Pilot Series Premiere Preview

Tonight NBC takes its shot at fairy tales with Grimm, a new drama series based on the classic Grimm stories. In the Grimm pilot premiere, Portland homicide detective Nick Burknardt (David Giuntoli) discovers he is the descendant of a group… Read More

Rounders Blu-ray Review

Rounders is nothing you haven't seen before. It follows the same general outline of any movie about a high-stakes hustler who gets in too deep and has to dig his way back out. It's old news. Been done a million…  Read More
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