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Beyond Two Souls PS3 TV Spot Offers Up Guilt

It’s not too long now until the hotly anticipated Beyond: Two Souls PlayStation 3 exclusive will be ready to pick up and play. As the October 8 release date nears, Sony has ramped up its marketing efforts including a cool new 60-second… Read More

Disney’s John Carter Trailer on Thursday

Disney has announced that they will debut the first trailer and footage for John Carter (formerly John Carter of Mars) this Thursday, July 14. The film is based off the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel A Princess of Mars and tells the story of a former… Read More

Daybreakers Blu-ray Review

Pharmaceutical companies are the bad guy no matter what race rules the world. In Daybreakers, the traditional vampire story has been turned on its head. Rather than vampires existing as a minority in a predominantly human world, they have eaten…  Read More
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