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Divergent Review: Just Read the Book

When a trend gets hot, the entertainment industry rushes to fill every corner of mass media with clones in hopes of cashing in. Whether it be publishing, TV (looking at you, CW Network), or film, the Sci-Fi teen drama is…  Read More
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Score Captain America Movie Swag

 Contest has closed.  Captain America: The First Avenger is set to come crashing into theaters this Friday and will bring to a close the multi-film buildup to next summer’s The Avengers. By film’s end, Chris Evans as Steve Rogers will be ready to join… Read More

Captain America Post-Credits Scene Described

Captain America: The First Avenger screenings have begun and the post-credits scene has been spoiled. If you’re sensitive to Captain America spoilers then please reconsider proceeding past this point. Consider that a formal spoiler… Read More