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First Contagion Trailer Kills a Star

No one appears to be safe in the first trailer for Contagion, a new thriller from director Steven Soderbergh coming to theaters in a couple months. You can watch the trailer below as well as check out a new one-sheet poster for the film. In Contagion,… Read More

Ted Danson Signed to Star in CSI

Veteran actor Ted Danson is taking over the lead role on CSI in hopes of pulling the once invincible show out of a ratings free-fall that began when William Petersen (Gil Grissom) chose to depart on his own volition. According to multiple online… Read More

CSI Season 10 DVD Giveaway (2 total)

 Contest has closed.  The original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation that spawned two spin-offs hit double digits this past year and that season, its tenth, is coming to DVD on September 28 with the added bonus of an episode from each spin-off show. We’ve teamed… Read More

4 New Predators Clips

Fox has released roughly four minutes from director Nimrod Antal and producer Robert Rodriguez’ Predators via four new clips which you can enjoy courtesty of BCC Review below. Through the clips you’ll get to see Royce (Adrien… Read More