See Predators SXSW Footage Now, First Trailer on March 18

Predators producer Robert Rodriquez took the opportunity after the SXSW premiere of Kick-Ass to unveil a two-minute behind-the-scenes look at this summer’s Predators.

Rather than only be a treat for SXSW attendees, Rodriguez and Fox immediately added the footage to the official Predators website at for all to enjoy. And enjoy it we did, especially the new Predator hound character that travels on four legs rather than two.

The website also promises the first official trailer for Predators will be available on Thursday, March 18. Some of the in-film shots in this behind-the-scenes piece are likely from the same trailer.

Predators stars Adrien Brody, Topher Grace and Laurence Fishburne as part of a group that finds themselves fighting for their lives on a Predator infested planet. Nimród Antal directs the film taking the franchise back to the original’s suspenseful jungle roots.

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