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10 New High-Res Iron Man 2 Images

The countdown to Iron Man 2 continues with a new batch of images fresh from Paramount and Marvel Studios to mark the roughly one month mark until the film’s May 7 release date. Some of these 10 new images were snapped from the previously… Read More

Jon Favreau Teases New Iron Man 2 Trailer Ending

The new Iron Man 2 trailer is now less than 48 hours away and director Jon Favreau has decided to tease us with a hint about the scene. Below is exactly what he Tweeted. Nothing to fancy, but enough of a hint to stimulate everyone’s imagination.… Read More

TV Actors Vie to Play Captain America

Captain America casting rumors gained more momentum this morning when a trio of television actors were mentioned as having read for the title role. According to BigShinyRobot.com, a friend of a friend within Marvel Studios has confirmed… Read More