New Iron Man 2 Set Photo Will Turn You Green With Envy

It seems like ages since the last “unofficial” images made their way off the Iron Man 2 set and onto the Internet. Not counting of course the “official” shot of Mickey Rourke as Whiplash.

The last batch featured Robert Downey Jr. taking a snack break in full Iron Man regalia atop a donut shop while Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury pulled up in a car below. The on-location imagery offered nothing too spoilerish and our first glimpse of Iron Man’s sequel armor. At least the one he wore for this particular scene.

After confusing his Twitter followers late last night by using the word “wrapped” when in fact shooting still has three weeks left, director Jon Favreau snuck this first picture off the set since shooting first began. Who knows if he’ll be reprimanded for the cell phone snap but for now we get to enjoy the spoils of his slyness.

Behold, in all its giant broccoli colored glory… the largest green screen Jon Favreau has ever laid eyes on.

Jon of course promises the scene being shot in front of this monstrosity will look better when effects are added. Har har.

At least Comic-Con is now a mere month off when the real Iron Man 2 goods should land.

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