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New Gears of War Game for Xbox 360 Revealed

The first truly big E3 reveal came today in the form of an all-new Gears of War game for Xbox 360. The game will be featured in the upcoming issue of Game Informer magazine, the cover of which you can see below. It shows a characters, someone (probably… Read More

South Park Finally Getting a Proper Video Game

South Park: The Game is a reality, and I’m not talking about that overly simplistic Acclaim title from many moons ago (1998 to be precise). Earlier today, THQ announced plans to release South Park: The Game on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and… Read More

Nintendo HD Console Rumors Pick Up Steam

Call it Wii 2, Nintendo HD or Next-Gen Nintendo. No matter what the name, the rumors all point toward the same general conclusion: Nintendo is close to announcing a new console unlike any they’ve ever released. Rumors have been swirling… Read More

Surprise Box: Prototype 2 Commando Sweater

My friendly neighborhood FedEx driver dropped off a curious and unexpected package from Activision today that was a heck of a lot heavier than a press kit. That can only mean one thing: swag! Sure enough, cracking open the box revealed a jet black… Read More

Next Tomb Raider Game an Origin Story

Earlier today Square Enix revealed the next chapter in Lara Croft’s video game adventures will be a prequel to all games before it. Think of it as the Batman Begins of the Tomb Raider franchise. The new upcoming game, called simply Tomb… Read More