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Syfy to Make Caprica Season 2 Decision by Nov. 15

As the second half of Syfy’s Caprica motors along, a decision on whether the Battlestar Galactica spin-off series will continue into a second season looms near. Syfy executive vice president Mark Stern recently told E! that they hope… Read More

Cylons Assemble in New Caprica Image

The second half of Syfy’s overdue Caprica season one will begin airing this Tuesday at 10pm. Battlestar Galactica fans will want to take notice as it appears the show is ready and willing to begin Cylon mass production. A new image and… Read More

Wanna See 8 Caprica Clips?

With Battlestar Galactica having rode off into the sunset our sci-fi attention has turned squarely to next month’s release of Ron Moore’s Caprica. The two-hour pilot for the prequel show to Battlestar Galactica debuts on DVD… Read More