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Green Lantern Movie Official Website Updated

Warner Bros. has begun to fill in the official website for The Green Lantern with some features and media. None of what they’ve added is technically “new” but worth a look if you need a refresher or just want to pump up the anticipation… Read More

The Green Lantern Movie Trailer is Here

The full version of Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ The Green Lantern trailer touched down on YouTube this evening with Spanish subtitles. The trailer includes all the footage shown in the Entertainment Tonight sneak peek plus a lot more,… Read More

First Look: The Green Lantern Trailer Footage

Next Friday the first trailer for Warner Bros. The Green Lantern will be attached to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. In a nice surprise, Entertainment Tonight aired a preview for the trailer that contains quite a bit of footage.… Read More