Watch 4 Minutes of The Green Lantern WonderCon Footage in HD

The Green Lantern has been seen as the ugly stepchild of Marvel’s big summer superhero films since the underwhelming November trailer with unfinished special effects dropped. Many questioned whether the DC Comics’ film was an inevitable flop in the making as Warner Bros. continued to hold back on releasing additional footage claiming the effects still needed work.

Those fears were put to rest at CinemaCon this past week and more recently WonderCon yesterday. Stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were on hand to debut extended footage from the film, most of which from the Green Lantern Crops home world of Oa that has been fully realized with hundreds of Lantern Corps members. The improvements from the first trailer are night and day, much like the Lantern oath that Ryan Reynolds struggles to recite until the Lantern reminds him of the words.

Leaked images of the film’s primary villain Parallax toy have been surfacing since Toy Fair in February which likely led to the decision for Warner Bros. to reveal the otherworldly yellow smoke cloud with big teeth in the new footage. We get to see Parallax mortally wound Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) and attack Earth forcing earthlings to run for their lives. The other villain, Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) also gets some extended screen time.

Watch the footage right now below and be sure to take a few minutes to download and view the full 1080p high definition version at Apple. Has your opinion about The Green Lantern changed because of this footage? Mine sure has.

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