Amazon Selling Wii ‘Driver: Parallel Lines’ For Only $12.99’s deal of the day is offering the Nintendo Wii game Driver: Parallel Lines for a mere $12.99. That’s 57% off the $29.99 list price, and a steal for a decently reviewed game.

If this deal follows the pattern of previous deals, it will be gone by tomorrow or later today when supplies run out. Wii games hardly ever dip below $20 new, much less $15.

Driver: Parallel Lines defined action-driving as a genre. It’s one of the first action games to incorporate online gaming and it epitomized Hollywood-style car chases isback. Discover TK, a driver for hire and free from conscience. Take part in an adrenaline-pumping story line of double-cross and revenge set in the New York underworld. Massive improvements in everything from Character control to AI to weapon selection effects.

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