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Hyrule Warriors Adds Combatants

Another day, another bounty of new information about Nintendo and Tecmo-KOEI’s hot new game, Hyrule Warriors leaks. The game, as you should know by now, is a mash up between Nintendo’s hit¬†Zelda franchise, and Tecmo-KOEI’s… Read More

New Skylanders 4 Characters Teased on Facebook

We are now less than a day away from the reveal of Skylanders 4 and publisher Activision is taking advantage of social media to tease two of the all-new characters that will be featured in the game and formally unveiled tomorrow. The silhouettes… Read More

Pokemon Bank Finally Opens in North America

The Pokemon Bank is open. Over a month after the original launch date, Nintendo has rolled out the new service, which allows Pokemaniacs to store up to 3,000 of their Pokemon online from games as far back as Pokemon Black & White for a small… Read More