‘Bomb Squad’ Confirmed Intellivision Amico Launch Title; Watch the Teaser

Bomb Squad Intellivision Amico Teaser Trailer

Do you have what it takes to defuse a bomb before it blows you to bits? That’s the gist of what powers Bomb Squad, now confirmed to be an Intellivision Amico launch game on October 10th, 2021.

The original 1982 Bomb Squad was an IntelliVoice title that could talk; a revolutionary gaming mechanic for its time. The visuals were crude by today’s standings, but the rush from trying to successfully defuse a bomb came in full force.

This new Bomb Squad, an Amico exclusive, is being developed by newly founded company International Headquarters. It’s led by Scott Barrett, co-creator of Heavy Burger.

Don’t expect to simply press buttons to get the job done in Bomb Squad. As the teaser teases the Gyroscope, Accelerometer, LED Lighting, Speaker, Microphone, Touch-Screen, Force Feedback, unique Disc and Button combos, and more will be needed to achieve ultimate success.

Bomb Squad seems like the type of title that could wind up receiving a physical release. We’ll have to wait to find out as Intellivision is mum on which games are getting one other than some definitely will.

Here’s the full Bomb Squad teaser trailer, created from in-engine footage.

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