Intellivision Amico Physical Game Boxes Revealed

As we march closer toward the Intellivision Amico currently planned yet always in jeopardy October 10th, 2021 release date, new details about what to expect from the upcoming retro and family gaming console hybrid continue to emerge.

CEO Tommy Tallarico has been teasing the console’s physical games for some time and is still holding what those games look like, and the surprises they hold, tight to his chest.

However, the boxes those games will come in have finally been fully revealed. I promise they’ll trigger a wave of nostalgic memories for anyone who owner the original Intellivision back in the 1980s. Check out the manufacturing teaser video below:

The boxes convey both a retro and modern design aesthetic simultaneously; from the watercolor-style artwork to the bevel surrounding the art. Per Tommy on Twitter they boxes are eco-friendly, and there are surprises hidden within.

It’s no secret that Tommy is a huge video game console collector and certainly has the collector’s gene within. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone out of his way to make each and every one of these physical games collectible in some way. Or ways.

Intellivision Amico Physical Game Boxes

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