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New Thor Trailer Brings the Action

Marvel and Paramount dropped the second trailer for Kenneth Branagh’s last night featuring a mix of old and new footage from the upcoming next film in the build-up to The Avengers. This trailer plays almost chronologically to the film… Read More

Thor Trailer Brings Might and Power

As promised, the first meant for public consumption Thor trailer was unleashed via Yahoo! Movies this evening and with it came a good bit of recycled footage from Comic-Con along with some jaw-dropping all-new scenes. The first half of the… Read More

New Thor Asgard Image is Golden

A new majestic Asgard image from Marvel’s upcoming Thor movie appeared in the Los Angeles Times and has made its way online. The image features Thor (Chris Hemsworth) kneeling before his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) with, from left… Read More

Fuzzy Look at Sif in Thor Movie

Entertainment Tonight’s televised behind-the-scenes footage from the set of Marvel’s Thor included one split-second additional scene that debuts an Asgardian character for the first time. In the blurry screen caps below… Read More

Captain America Contenders Emerge

Several frontrunners for the role of coveted role of Captain America have emerged as director Joe Johnston’s self-imposed date for casting the alter-ego of Steve Rogers rapidly approaches. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the following… Read More