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True Blood Series Finale Coming in 2014 on HBO

HBO’s True Blood will come to an end next summer as the pay channel announced that the upcoming 10-episode seventh season will be its last. True Blood ratings have never been a concern for HBO as the show was the most watched on the channel… Read More

True Blood Season 4 Episode 39 Promo Spot

Last night on HBO’s True Blood, the witch coven and their leader, Marne, were confronted by a vampire, Eric, and given an ultimatum to never convene again. It didn’t take long for the situation to spiral out of control and Eric ended… Read More

See the True Blood Season 3 Trailer

The first trailer and preview for True Blood: Season Three starring Anna Paquin debuted tonight during the season finale of Vampire Diaries. Not long after, it mad its way online faster than Bill coming to the aid of his Sookie in distress. Though… Read More