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10 The A-Team Movie High-Res Images

The A-Team is one of two films opening this weekend fueled by 1980s nostalgia. I saw the film last night and it was a blast. A bigger, louder and funnier contemporary version of the original television show with a spot-on cast that finds instant… Read More

Trio of New A-Team Clips

A trio of new clips from Fox’s The A-Team popped up on Yahoo! Movies today that introduce you to the team with a little Jessica Biel for good measure. The last clip in particular is must see as Murdock (District 9’s Sharlto Copley)… Read More

Tank-Diving in First A-Team Clip

The most talked about scene from The A-Team trailers has Face popping his head out of a tank that has just parachuted from an exploding plane. At who knows how many thousands of feet in the air, Face proceeds to scream like a banshee and fire the… Read More

Second A-Team Movie Trailer Gets Personal

The second trailer for Fox’s The A-Team movie is here and sets out to educate – or re-educate – us on the four men that comprise the team. It also proves that illegally parking in a handicap zone can be hazardous to your car insurance… Read More

The A-Team Movie Trailer Returns in HD

Last Friday the first trailer (and footage, for that matter) from Fox’s The A-Team movie leaked online and squashed many preconceptions that the reimagining of the classic television series would suck. Quite the opposite happened;… Read More