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Top Gear 16 Blu-ray Review

The BBC's Top Gear, whose sixteenth season (or series, depending on the side of the Atlantic on which you reside) is a rarity in the genre of shows devoted to cars. First of all, let me preface this review by…  Read More
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Blu-ray Giveaway: Top Gear Season 16

 Contest has closed.  We’ve teamed up with BBC Home Entertainment again to offer three readers the chance to score the Blu-ray version of Top Gear season 16, the latest entry in the popular car series due in stores on August 9, 2011. For a chance to score Top Gear… Read More

DVD Giveaway: Paul

 Contest has closed.  Paul isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill alien. He’s developed an attitude after being locked up in a government warehouse and watching television for the past 50 years. When he breaks out, all hell breaks looks for the pop culture… Read More