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Watch The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer in HD

Columbia Pictures has released the official The Amazing Spider-Man trailer in high definition after a bootleg and subsequent YouTube version leaked within the past several days. Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) stars as Peter Parker/Spider-Man… Read More

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Arrives

The official version of The Amazing Spider-Man trailer has showed up a little early on YouTube and is ready for you to watch it below. Marc Webb’s take on Spider-Man looks to be considerably darker than Sam Raimi’s version. You… Read More

5 New The Amazing Spider-Man On-Set Images

More images have surfaced online of Andrew Garfield and the cast and crew of The Amazing Spider-Man as they continue to shoot exterior on-location scenes throughout the streets of Los Angeles. These news shots feature a mix of Garfield both… Read More

Mass Effect 2 Review: Near Perfection

The original Mass Effect is an amazing gaming experience but far from perfection. From its infamous elevators to the heaps of useless items, there was significant room for improvement. And let's not even mention trying to pilot that Mako rover…  Read More
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