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Fable Anniversary Delayed to February 2014

With any potential Xbox One Fable video game still a ways off, the next best thing for Fable fans is the upcoming release of Fable Anniversary. While the game was originally expected to be available before Christmas, those plans have fallen… Read More

Fable 3 Review: It’s Familiar to be King

Albion is your oyster in Fable 3, Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios' more accessible than challenging latest chapter in the ongoing Fable saga on Xbox 360 (and PC). It will draw you in with its vastly improved narrative and excellent…  Read More
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New Fable 3 Screenshot is Elementary

To mark the one week point until Fable 3 is released for Xbox 360 and the PC, Lionhead Studios has released a new screenshot for us all to examine. The screen, which you can check out in high resolution below by clicking the thumbnail image, features… Read More

New Fable 3 Screenshot Toys with Scale

Does size matter? It may in Fable 3 on Xbox 360 after checking out this new intriguing screenshot released today by Lionhead Studios. What you’re looking at below is not an image from Gulliver’s Travels though it may very well be… Read More

New Fable 3 Screens from PAX

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios have released four new screenshots from the upcoming Xbox 360 and PC release of Fable III. Each of the screens feature a new character or characters in the game. Or maybe one or more of them is you? I was hoping PAX… Read More

New Fable 3 Combat Footage

A young girl has cried wolf for all the right reasons in this new Fable 3 combat showcase extended clip released by Lionhead Studios. In the clip, the player confronts a massive pack of wolves on a snowy trail with a variety of combat moves that… Read More