Fable: The Journey Demo Live for Xbox 360 Kinect

Fable: The Journey Demo Live for Xbox 360 KinectA playable demo for Lionhead Studios and Microsoft’s Fable: The Journey hit Xbox Live Marketplace today, free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Utilizing Kinect as the main controller, Fable: The Journey breaks away from the franchise’s familiar open-world design and instead utilizes and on-the-rails approach to guide players through the game. It’s not a matter of worrying about where to go, but making sure you get there in one piece.

The demo begins with a tutorial that sets up the Fable: The Journey Kinect controls. Spells are at the game’s core and must be summoned up and dished out using a variety of hand gestures. Likewise, dodging attacks will yield longer lives.

Fable: The Journey is a game that will make your arms sore, but it’s also simplistic enough to stay fun and engaging. There’s a narrative, too, but the demo only scratches the surface as far as that’s concerned. We will have to wait until the full release on October 9 to see how well the controls and narrative play out for an extended period of time.

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