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Contest: Win James Cameron’s Avatar on Blu-ray 3D

 Contest has closed.  For well over a year, James Cameron’s Avatar on Blu-ray 3D was a hardware exclusive to Panasonic. In other words, the only way you could get your hands on the disc was to purchase a Panasonic 3D display or hit the secondary market and pay… Read More

James Cameron Will Make Avatar 2 and 3 Next

James Cameron has finally made up his mind and will next helm Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 for Fox. Just like that, Sony’s dream of Cameron directing Angelina Jolie in Cleopatra in 2012 has been flushed down the toilet. In an official announcement… Read More

Avatar Blu-ray Review with D-BOX

Reviewing the Blu-ray Disc version of James Cameron's Avatar is akin to informing a calculus professor that four is divisible by two. Those of you who did not see it once or more theatrically are the exception rather than the…  Read More
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