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Blu-ray Deal: Alien Anthology $25 Today Only

You know the holiday shopping season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are close by when deal like Alien Anthology on Blu-ray for only $25 bucks pop up. You read that right. For today only, as the featured item in Amazon.com’s Gold Box Deal… Read More

Battle: Los Angeles Trailer is Here

Today Los Angeles will be attacked by harvesting aliens in Skyline. In no coincidence, today offers us our first public peek at Battle: Los Angeles, Sony’s alien invasion flick that focuses on the military response rather than the survival… Read More

Aliens Blu-ray Transfer Images Arrive

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. My personal most wanted Blu-ray release for calendar year 2010 is Fox’s Alien Anthology. More specifically within that release, James Cameron’s Aliens. The Alien Anthology… Read More