Battle: Los Angeles Trailer is Here

Today Los Angeles will be attacked by harvesting aliens in Skyline. In no coincidence, today offers us our first public peek at Battle: Los Angeles, Sony’s alien invasion flick that focuses on the military response rather than the survival of a collection of partygoers.

The irony behind the first trailer for Battle: Los Angeles appearing today is Colin and Greg Strause, the directors and effects gurus for Skyline, designed the aliens for Sony’s flick. The story told at Comic-Con this past summer is that The Brothers Strause were upset that their aliens would see little screen time and left to go produce their own privately-funded alien invasion flick where the aliens would be continually on display.

Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and Michael Peña all are members of the military in Battle: Los Angeles and are the film’s primary stars. Much like in James Cameron’s Aliens, you’ll follow the military as they slug it out with extraterrestrials out for blood. I think you’ll agree that the trailer is reminiscent of both Aliens and the final reel of District 9. That alone should

Battle: Los Angeles begins on March 11, 2011.

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