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Remember Me Review: Potential Forgotten

Unfettered ambition to break the generic third-person shooter mold is laced throughout Remember Me. In developing the new IP, newly formed studio Dontnod Entertainment takes an abrupt left turn where most games would take a right. But for every grandiose…  Read More
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Dragon’s Dogma Review: A Pawn Worth Securing

It's easy to dismiss Capcom's new action RPG game Dragon's Dogma as a poor man's Skyrim. Both games share elements of dragons, open world exploration, endless (and sometimes senseless) questing, deep, deep character customization (including crafting weapons and items) and…  Read More
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Starhawk Review: If You Build It, They Will Fall

Starhawk on Playstation 3 feeds gamers off multiplayer battlefield strategy and exhilaration while the methodical single player campaign begs for attention like a neglected pet. One glance at the pause menu during the campaign reveals an online mecca of options,…  Read More
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